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Good News From Zogby


A Zogby International poll of American business leaders, released this morning at a Committee for Economic Development forum on judicial nominations, contains some encouraging results. (The stated margin of error is +/- 6.3%.)

68% of business leaders view the confirmation of President Bush’s judicial nominees as important to their business.

Notwithstanding significant (61%) support for the Gang of 14’s anti-cloture reform agreement, a full 46% agree that “[i]t would have been better for the Republicans to enact the nuclear option, preventing filibusters on any judicial nominees.” 52% disagreed. (Zogby characterized this as even, as the results are well within the margin of error—i.e., the real sentiment could be 52-46 the other way.)

73% believe that both parties should agree to consider judges “solely on their qualifications, and not their ideologies.”

71% agree that Senate Democrats were “abusing the use of the filibuster.”

67% disagree with the proposition that Democrats “have a right and obligation to ensure that only moderate judges are appointed.”


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