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He Went to Catholic School


He was editor of his law school law review. He believes in truth and justice and the American way. He likes apple pie and…(I made the last one up, I have no idea if Judge Pryor likes apple pie…yet.)

I’m just picking on the Senate.

I’m listening to the Senate debate on Bill Pryor. Jeff Sessions (who’s great on this) is getting into substance now, but a) I don’t really get having these post-cloture debates. b) Hasn’t everyone said everything there is to say? I haven’t heard a new argument about Bill Pryor in years (well, ok, except for libs suggesting he’s just hiding his extremism when faced with the reality of his recess-appointment record on the bench).

Well, at least no one is crying..yet.

Of course, all of this is just to say: I really want to know what he thinks of dogs.


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