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Far Be it From Me...


To get in a wrestling match with John Podhoretz, who calls those of us who disagree with his assessment of The Deal on judicial filibusters “unhinged.” On John’s side is Linda Chavez, who, as noted yesterday in The Corner, calls it a better deal for the Right than for the Left “in the long run.” Could be, but that could turn out to be a very long run indeed. Byron York, in The Hill, notes the Democrats’ embrace of incoherence. Any takers on a bet that the Democrats don’t care about looking coherent in this argument? And this morning, George Will takes a pretty balanced view of The Deal, and leads by saying it was reached by “seven Democrats essentially supported by their party’s base and seven Republicans at odds with theirs.” For today at least, Will appears to count himself among the unhappy GOP base. I will happily hang my hat this time where York and Will have put theirs.


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