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Is “extraordinary circumstances” a Fraud?


Let’s find out. Before the ink is dry on this deal, the White House and Senate Republican leadership should work together to bring to the floor as quickly as possible all the remaining circuit court appointments, including those of nominees such as Brett Kavanaugh and Jim Haynes, whom the Democrats would previously have had on their hit list. If any of those nominees draws a filibuster, we will know that the deal is a fraud, the Republican moderates who cut the deal will look ridiculous, and the pressure will be back on to implement a permanent, institutional solution. But with each day of distance we get from this issue, the power of further filibusters by the Democrats to embarrass the seven Republican signatories will be less. Moreover, acting on these lower court nominations will, in effect, help set a standard and define “extraordinary circumstances” for a potential Supreme Court appointment. Thus, there’s not a moment to lose: Let’s schedule votes as quickly as possible on all remaining circuit court appointments and put the seven moderate Democrats to the test.


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