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Taken to the Cleaners


As I write, Bill Frist is on the floor of the Senate gamely putting lipstick on this pig of an agreement, when he should be denouncing it. Sometimes the Senate’s fabled “comity” is a truly disgusting sight.

Consider the text of the agreement, posted by Sister Lopez below. The Republicans gave up William Myers and Henry Saad–for the 109th Congress, anyway–on no grounds having to do with their fitness for the federal bench, and got nothing, absolutely nothing, in return. Indeed, the Sanctimonious Six have made a public promise to betray their party’s leadership for the duration of this Congress, should that leadership attempt again to enforce two centuries of tradition on respect for the Senate’s responsibilities to act on judicial nominations.

So the GOP fails once again to show that it has learned to act like a governing party, when the voters have made it responsible for so acting. The Democrats, by contrast, may pat themselves on the back for taking those Republican fools to the cleaners. Democrats remember so well how to govern that they can even do it from a position of weakness. By now this is a disappointment without being a surprise.


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