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A Helpful Reminder from the New York Times


An editorial in today’s Times provides a sobering reminder to anyone tempted to believe that the hard-left (to adopt Sen. Schumer’s way of speaking) interests driving the ideological opposition to President Bush and his judicial nominees have any real interest in compromise.

According to the Times, “[i]t is encouraging that moderates from both parties are trying to work out a compromise. But they should agree only to one that does not make unacceptable concessions on Senate procedures and does not lead to the appointment of unqualified, ideologically extreme judges.” Hmmm. One wonders what it is, exactly, that is “encouraging” about the efforts of the “moderates”, since they all appear to have conceded–implicitly, at least–that the practice of the Times and the extremists among the Senate Democrats of slandering the president’s nominees as “unworthy,” “hard-right ideologues” is just so much nonsense. It’s an interesting move, actually: The Times purports to desire compromise, but only if it results in (a) continuation of the Democrats’ unprecedented and unjustifiable abuse of the filibuster and (b) continuation of the practice of demonizing jurists who dare to think differently about the Constitution and the law than those who advise the editorial writers for the Times.


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