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Re: Playing With Actual Nukes


K-Lo, we can only hope the GOP is paying attention. I disagree with the Democrats, but I have long admired their appreciation of how central the
courts are to their program. It has been much underappreciated on our
side. You say their all-out fight is “not going to go over” with the
American people, and I think that’s true. But I think they don’t have
to “win” in a democratic sense to win in a bottom line sense. If they
prevail in the filibuster fight, they keep originalists off the courts
and incrementally accomplish their agenda. That’s far more important to
them than, say, Iran’s nukes. They can lose some seats over this
struggle and still win big-time if they block a lot of judges. It’s
critical to understand how important this is to them, and to respect
that instead of continually being nonplussed by it.


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