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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!


Focus on the Family ads not having desired effect in Alaska:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she has no intention of yielding to pressure from the Colorado-based evangelical group Focus on the Family, which is calling her a “squishy Republican” in its campaign to prevent Democrats from using the filibuster to block the appointments of some federal judges.

Firing back at the organization, which is running ads against her in Alaska and targeted her during its “Justice Sunday” simulcast to conservative churches around the country last weekend, Murkowski said the group is trying to undermine the Constitution’s separation of power doctrine that has served the nation well for more than 200 years.

“I am NOT squishy,” Murkowski said in a telephone interview from Washington. “This whole deal with Focus on the Family has gotten me mad. They’re not going to put me in a corner this way.”

But even as she resists the organization, Murkowski still is not saying how she would ultimately vote if the so-called nuclear option button is pressed and the Senate must choose whether to continue to allow judicial filibusters….


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