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Owen Dishonesty


The Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott:

Almost 1,500 days have passed since President Bush announced his first eleven judicial nominees, an exceptionally diverse slate of qualified candidates that even the New York Times said was “notable for its inclusion of women and minorities.” Since that May 9, 2001, day, America has endured a terrorist attack, bestowed iconic status on a gizmo called the iPod, produced eleven of Hollywood’s top-20 all-time blockbusters, and birthed democracy in two long-oppressed regimes.

But one thing has persisted: Senate Democrats’ bare-fisted attacks on Texas supreme court justice Priscilla Owen. Justice Owen’s resume is impeccable: top of her law-school class (completing undergraduate and law school in just over five years); highest score statewide on the bar exam; ten years on the Texas Supreme Court; reelected in 2000 with 84 percent of the vote and the endorsement of every major Texas newspaper; and the highest rating possible — a unanimous “well qualified” — from the American Bar Association (no conservative bastion), which Democrats once hailed as “the gold standard.”

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