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Campus Crusade for Conformity


Brandeis disinvites Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Smith chases off Christine Lagarde of the IMF; Rutgers rejects Condoleezza Rice; and, now, Haverford scares off former Berkeley chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau.

Anybody else notice that the trend here is hysteria among students at pretty good but not that good colleges? I suspect that there is some intellectual overcompensation at work here. 

Pressure Points on Immigration


I’ve been skeptical of the idea that if 70 senators vote for the immigration bill it will put so much pressure on House Republicans that they will have to pass it. If 70 senators vote for it, that means (given likely unanimity or near-unanimity among the Democrats) that a strong majority of Senate Republicans voted against it. That’s not going to put pressure on House Republicans. A Republican who supports the legislation said to me recently that I’ve gotten the psychological dynamics wrong: The bigger the Senate vote, the less likely House Republicans are to pass the bill, because they don’t like being cornered. I think there’s probably something to that idea.

Impeach Ray LaHood!


Here is my Politico column today on the absurd and cynical air-traffic controller furlough:

The Obama administration is extremely creative in finding the flexibility it needs to implement Obamacare or to ignore the nation’s immigration laws. It resorts to slush funds and executive orders and whatever means necessary. When it comes to avoiding the enormous economic costs of increased delays at airports, to saving so many people from the lost hours of sitting in a terminal or on a tarmac, well then, the administration is the very picture of passivity. It is helpless before the strict letter of the law.





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