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Rush: Huck’s People Know How To Reach Me


More Rush, on his response to the Huckabee comments from before Christmas.

 ”His campaign people in Arkansas know full well how to reach me. They’ve got access to office phone numbers, they’ve got access to e-mails. Huckabee was saying, ‘I don’t know how to reach him.’ … He was saying, ‘I can’t repsond to what because I don’t know who said it or what was said.’ This was three or four days after it appeared on the blog… He was saying that he would love to respond, but he didn’t know what was said. Now, he might not know who said it, but it was hard for me to believe he did not know what was said, three or four days after it was posted. Now, none of this is personal to me. But how can you not know what was said, and yet reach out to me?”

“I did not reply to Governor Huckabee’s e-mail. I didn’t reply because I wanted to avoid the possibility that any little phrase that I use in the e-mail could be waved by the governor or his staff as a sign that all of this was over. There was no need to make peace. This isn’t beanbag. This is the big leagues. My feelings are not hurt. I’m not taking any of this personally.”

UPDATE: In a short cut between breaks, Rush hit McCain, saying “Would you think a conservative would support amnesty? Would you think a conservative would agree with the ACLU on interrogation techniques used on terrorists? Would you think a conservative would vote against the Bush tax cuts? I’ve just described the positions of John McCain.”

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