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Nevermind Leno and Letterman - Rush Limbaugh’s Back Today


When last we heard from Rush Limbaugh, he was not merely opening up cans, but setting up an entire Tennessee Valley Authority dam and irrigation system of whoop-ass on the conservative credentials of one of the Republican presidential contenders.

At noon today, we will hear from Rush again, and we’ll see if everything’s cool between the host and the candidate. His last response, back on the 23rd of December:

I don’t need to speak to Governor Huckabee. I saw his comments and accept them as honest, sincere and genuine.

What was somewhat stunning about all this is that NO ONE in the GOP field, including advisors and staff, could possibly misread my 19+ year career the way Gov Huckabee’s DC supporter did. Whoever said those things was essentially repeating the Democrat mantra of all these years: that I am just an entertainer, not an independent thinker, part of the Wall Street/DC axis. If it was someone on Governor Huckabee’s staff or support team, it was just silly, uninformed and thus curious.

Governor Huckabee’s campaign is engaged in identity politics at this moment, so I understand his advisor’s/supporter’s intent to put the focus on me rather than the substance of my commentary.

As for the Governor not knowing how to reach me…there are people on his Arkansas staff who know full well how to reach me. But that is not necessary to me. We’re not playing in a kindergarten sandbox here. We are all presumably adults.

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