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An Iowan, Thanking Huckabee for Positive Ads


A moment ago, XM’s POTUS was carrying live audio of Mike Huckabee speech and the aftermath in Indianola, Iowa.

I’m going on audio, and hearing from what sounded like a little old lady, “I appreciate your positive ads and your whole demeanor.”

I suspected yesterday’s press conference was going to go over well. Iowans won’t see it as conniving to have it both ways, to distribute negative information about Romney while claiming to take the high road by refusing to run the ad. I think all that most Iowans will see is a politician who spared them one more negative ad during a deluge of them, and will appreciate it.

He’s gotten a few, “God bless you, I’m praying for you,” responses.

To a young man who says his name is Sam, Huckabee responds, ”You’re the guy who owns all those Sam’s Clubs, isn’t it?” To another, he talks about hunting dogs, and earlier, he ably handled inquries on school lunch program and a man whose son just enlisted with the Marines. Retail skills come in handy in Iowa, and Huckabee’s among the best at it.

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