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Don’t Make Me Show You This Terrible Ad Again


Mike Huckabee held a press conference today to showcase an negative ad against Mitt Romney… and then announced he wasn’t going to use the ad.

When said, “I know that some of you are saying, ‘well, did you really have an ad?’ We did, and now I’m going to show it to you… “I want you to see it, this is what we planned to do.’” he was greeted by laughter among the press corps.

They laughed because they saw it for what it was, a pretty transparent attempt to get the ad aired on national and local television news programs without actually paying money to air it.

I know I’m a Yankee, but isn’t there some metaphor about Brer Fox and a Briar Patch that applies here?

Or maybe the cry of a man who wrestles with his conscience and loses, ”Stop me before I go negative again”?

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