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McCain’s New Ad, Touting 20 N.H. Newspaper Endorsements


John McCain unveils his own ad today, this one touting his endorsements of 20 newspapers across New Hampshire.

I think a certain number of righties may sneer when they hear a Republican has been endorsed by the editors of the Boston Globe, but some of those papers are right-leaning – The Union Leader, the Boston Herald — your average New Hampshire-ite will, I think, be impressed by the sheer volume of endorsements. If nothing else, John McCain knows how to go into a room full of newspaper editors and wow them. It suggests McCain knows how to stir the blood in the Granite State; if I were on Mitt Romney’s team, I’d be looking over the 2000 Bush playbook to look at what mistakes to avoid.

Number one: Don’t be seen sledding on the final news cycle before the primary.

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