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Romney Goes Contrast/Negative on McCain


Romney’s latest ad is entitled, “Future.”

ANNOUNCER: “John McCain, an honorable man.  But is he the right Republican for the future?
“McCain opposes repeal of the death tax, and voted against the Bush tax cuts twice.
“McCain pushed to let every illegal immigrant stay here permanently.
“Even voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security.
“And Mitt Romney?  Mitt Romney cut taxes and spending as Governor.
“He opposes amnesty for illegals.
“Mitt Romney.  John McCain.  There is a difference.”

I realize his defenders will call this a “contrast ad”; his detractors will call this a “negative ad.” Whatever you call it, Romney’s campaign deployed one in Iowa against Huckabee. (Same style, same announcer.) Will Romney get hit with charges of going negative in the final days of campaigning in those states? As I noted earlier, the local papers won’t be defending him.

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