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Musharraf Called John Edwards Today?!?


One of the things Pervez Musharraf did in the, oh, twelve hours or so after Bhutto’s assassination… is return John Edwards’ phone call?

Apparently so:

“He called me,” Edwards said, “because I told the ambassador I’d like to speak to him. I met him a few years ago, which I think I told you earlier, and we had a conversation in which I urged him to continue the democratization process. He told me, he gave me his assurances that he intended to do that, and we also spoke about having international independent investigators allowed into the country for transparency purposes, for credibility purposes, and we spoke briefly about the elections.”

I don’t know whether to be impressed that Edwards had enough pull to get his phone call returned, or stunned that Musharraf thought talking with one of America’s presidential candidates was a high priority today.

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