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Bhutto’s Comparison to Hillary and Advice to Bill Clinton


In September, Benazir Bhutto spoke to New York magazine in a story whose headline suggested she had  advice for Hillary Clinton.

The interview actually focused on Bhutto’s experience as a national leader who is a woman: “In a country like Pakistan or India, when a charismatic leader dies, people are not sure that the traditions he symbolized will continue—there’s a lot of illiteracy and there isn’t the same access to information. So they tend to transfer allegiance from a male leader to a female descendant, in the hope that his policies will be continued. But in Westernized societies, it’s a little different, because people have greater education and greater access to information—they don’t have the same need to be sure of the message of the leader.”

Asked about advice for Bill, she says, “All I can tell him is that either way, you won’t win. Not if you disappear and not if you’re there campaigning. He’ll have to go by his instincts.”

If you haven’t read below, Bhutto was assassinated in Pakistan today.

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