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Bhutto Dead in Pakistan


I’ve just been told Benazir Bhutto, former Pakistan leader, has been assassinated.


Washington (eCanadaNow) – According to reports, former Pakistan leader Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated.

According to an aid, Bhutto was critically injured during a suicide bombing and later died from her injuries.

“She has been martyred,” said party official Rehman Malik.

Initial reports suggest the former leader received gunshot wounds to her head and neck.

At least 20 other people are reported to have died in the blast as well.

The bombing took place near a political rally held near the back gate of the Liaqat Bagh park in Pakistan. This is the same place where the Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan was shot dead.

The suicide bomber was on a motorcycle, According to the unconfirmed news from Aaj TV,

On December 2, 1988 Benazir Bhutto was sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan, becoming the first woman to head the government of an Islamic State.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Getty Images has a stunning, horrifying photograph of the bomb, seconds after it exploded.

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