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Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself... and Hillary


Gallup, telling us that 62 percent of Republicans describe themselves as “afraid” if Hillary Clinton is elected president:

Democrats are only mildly afraid of any of the five Republican candidates whose names were read to them:  Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee.   The most “fear” would be generated by Giuliani and Romney, the election of whom would make 29% and 25% of Democrats afraid, respectively.)

Back to the polarizing aspect of Sen. Clinton.  Thirty-five percent of Democrats would be “excited” by Hillary’s election, more than the excitement generated among Democrats by either Edwards or Obama.  In other words, the thought of a Hillary presidency creates some excitement in the minds of Democrats, and a great deal of fear in the minds of Republicans.   

We know that 86% Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of Hilary.  That compares to 58% who have an unfavorable opinion of Edwards and 42% for Obama.

I wish Gallup had pressed respondents further – are you afraid for yourself, or for the country?

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