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Is Somebody Missing an Opportunity in Iowa?


Today Rudy Giuliani is in Florida, as well as tomorrow and Friday – good for a guy who got hit with a headache bad enough to require an overnight hospital stay to spend some time in warmer climes. Giuliani reiterated he’s fine.

He goes to Iowa and New Hampshire Friday and this weekend. I wonder if after the Iowa caucuses, some folks will say Giuliani would have found it worthwhile to make an all-out push in Iowa. Much like the case for Fred Thompson, a third-place finish would generate some buzz if it were a large enough slice of the caucusgoers, and New Hampshire numbers certainly have been blah.

ARG had Giuliani at 14 percent in Iowa, three points behind McCain in third place. (By the way, could Thompson really be at 3 percent in Iowa, as that poll contends? After all of his advertising, and after his all-out push in that state?)

UPDATE: The Cardinal guy at that other conservative magazine’s campaign blog thinks the poll has a bad sample.

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