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Biden: Democrats Believe Americans Are Stupid Because They Elected Bush


It’s hard to see Joe Biden lasting long in the primaries once the votes start counting. But I’m going to miss him when he leaves. For comments like this:

When he asks groups of Democrats if they think the American people are stupid because they elected George W. Bush twice, most respond that, yes, they do, he said. He said he thinks that attitude is a real problem for the Democrats, who fail to understand how smart and pragmatic the American people really are…

Asked if he thinks, as he suggested recently in another interview, that the other candidates tend to think the American people are stupid or easily fooled, he said, “Well, I do.”

“It’s not even so much they don’t trust, which is a piece of it,” he said. It’s that they think that “the way to win is the Bill Clinton triangulation and the Karl Rove angering.”

He also says, “Rich folks are as patriotic as poor folks, but we don’t talk that way.”

Biden can speak freely because he has little standing in the polls to lose; he has little standing in the polls to lose because he speaks freely.

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