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Checking In On, You Know, That Edwards Story


Wonkette hits the Huffington Post for insinuating a sleazy, sexual interpretation of events, instead of accepting a simpler explanation about goings-on between Edwards’ PAC and a woman paid $114,000 to make web videos about Edwards. In related news, the Irony Meter just exploded.

Apparently the Daily Kos crowd was talking about this back in September – mostly expressing loathing of the Huffington Post.

Dan McLaughlin at RedState openly says what a lot of folks are thinking:

Here’s the deal: the National Enquirer is retailing a story of Edwards supposedly cheating on his cancer-stricken wife with a filmmaker who was paid a lot of money by the Edwards campaign for work that never saw the light of day. The Huffington Post is likewise pushing the filmmaker angle as a “questions are being raised” story without explicitly mentioning the alleged affair. As with the Kerry story in 2004, the tale is plausible enough that it is of course possible that it is true, but the nature of the disclosures so far – and their sourcing – are more suggestive of a political hit piece that can’t be verified but also can’t be denied by Edwards without giving the whole ball of mud some credence.

So if it’s a politically motivated hit job, and the people who logically stand to benefit are Hillary and Obama, that’s where the media should be looking for the culprits…

Interestingly, the comments on the thread at Red State are nearly uniformly skeptical of the allegation against Edwards. 

I would just note that ultra-powerful Washington lawyer David Kendall has represented a wide variety of clients over the years – including National Review. And hypothetically speaking, if the Clinton campaign wanted a rumor put out there, they wouldn’t need somebody like Kendall to get involved.

But just for the what-a-small-world factor, note two clients in particular from his biography at Williams & Connolly:

He began representing President and Mrs. Clinton in November 1993, in what was ostensibly a small savings and loan matter involving Whitewater Development Company, Inc. He went on to represent the Clintons in a variety of matters, including Independent Counsel, Senate, House of Representatives, FDIC, RTC, and bar counsel investigations, civil litigation, and the 1998-99 impeachment proceedings…

He has represented a number of individual and corporate media clients over the years, defending libel, privacy invasion, and copyright suits, fighting subpoenas to news gatherers, and prosecuting FOIA actions (arguing Department of State v. Washington Post Co., 456 U.S. 595 (1982) in the Supreme Court). His clients have included The Washington Post, Newsweek, National Enquirer (where he supervised prepublication copy review for over a decade and a half), Playboy, Discovery Communications, U.S. Medicine, National Review, local television stations, and individual writers and journalists.

One of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers from Whitewater was in charge of reviewing copy at the Enquirer?! What are the odds of that?

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