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Clinton Lead Over Obama Growing


According to Harris Interactive, Obama has lost some ground to Hillary in the last month — from a five point gap to a 13 point gap. That seems large enough to suggest real movement in the polls. It’s a national poll, of course, and we select our candidates through specific primaries — Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc. — but Team Hillary has to like signs that she’s again firmly in the driver’s seat.

Perhaps her argument that there’s no major difference between her view and his on the Iraq war is hitting home – because he’s starting to punch back.

“Well, I suppose that’s true if you leave out the fact that she authorized it and supported it, and I said it was a bad idea,” Mr. Obama said. “You know, that’s a fairly major difference.”

Mr. Obama then suggested that a fundamental question of judgment was at issue.

“I think very highly of Senator Clinton,” he said. “I think she is a wonderful senator from New York, but — and I think very highly of Bill Clinton. But I think that it is fair to say that we had a fundamentally different opinion on the wisdom of this war. And I don’t think we can revise history when it comes to that.”

Interesting question for Democrats — do you push aside a woman who’s been trying to cast herself as the perfect nominee for her entire adult life because you disagreed with her decision in 2003? Is voting for the war the ultimate unforgivable sin among Democratic primary voters… four years after the party nominated Kerry?

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