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An Interesting Comment From Hillary on Speaking English Today


From the brief bit of Hillary I got to see at her Asian-American and Pacific Islander event, I would note she was her usual polished self, and a lot of what one would expect at an event like this — “it is a proud history that we celebrate this month… a proud history with dark moments… the shameful legacy of the internment camps…”

The line about “unfinished business making sure our Filipino veterans get the benefits they deserve” got a lot of applause – once again, having a campaign staff that can make sure the candidate mentions every niche issue pays off.

She mentioned underfunded programs that are designed to teach English as a second language to Vietnamese immigrants, and said that had to be a priority, “because we all want everyone to speak English, don’t we?” It got applause. I wonder how long until a GOP candidate deploys the line, “When even Hillary is on board with English-immersion, it’s time to make it the law of the land.”

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