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Obama Won’t Shop at Wal-Mart, But We Should Admire Their Efficiency


Sounds like Obama had either an admirable stand for unpopular principle before a union audience… or he just veered off-message.

Obama said Wal-Mart’s business model for managing its inventory efficiently is something “we should admire,” though he quickly added that, “as profitable as they are, there’s no reason they can’t afford to pay” their workers a living wage.

And, he said, “I won’t shop there,” though he left it unclear whether he boycotts the retailer along with many union members or just dislikes their merchandise.

He also apparently got a cool reception when he said he supported charter schools. Folks, that illustrates the union mentality pretty clearly – not only are vouchers unacceptable, but charter schools are off the table, as well. Basically, it’s their way or the highway.

UPDATE: I had forgotten this… Obama might as well have said, “I won’t shop at Wal-Mart… even though my wife was paid $51,200 last year to serve on the board of one of their suppliers.”

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