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Which Clinton Is Running For President Again?


I wonder how many baby-boomer campaign correspondents with fond memories of the 1992 campaign are eagerly awaiting this assignment:

Clinton advisers can already imagine a point in 2008 when Mr. Clinton has his own campaign plane, press corps and schedule of events in crucial states while Mrs. Clinton is barnstorming in others.

He will be good on the trail, no doubt about that. But does anybody else see some formula for trouble? To take a hypothetical example, something happens in the Middle East, Bill is out on the trail, is asked by a reporter what to do, and he says, “Now is the time to reach out to the Palestinian leadership… Back when I was president, I had Yassir Arafat over the White House more than any other world leader, and I know what it takes to bring the Palestinians to peace…” Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Hillary gets asked the same question and says, “Now is the time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our friends and allies in Israel…” Instant controversy.

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