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Speeding Laws For Thee But Not For Me


Interesting points about Bill Richardson in a brilliant Radley Balko piece on politicans’ use of motorcades, and their disturbing dismissal of traffic laws:

In 2003, The Washington Post reported that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson routinely ordered his driver to whip down public roads at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Even after those reports, when a police officer attempted to pull over Richardson’s car for speeding in 2005, the governor’s driver refused to stop. In the last two years, Richardson’s lieutenant governor has also been caught running a red light and parking in a fire zone.

For his part, Richardson refused to apologize for his law-breaking. He said he’d instruct his drivers to slow down, but cited his busy schedule as governor and said he wouldn’t promise not to speed again. By April 2006, his car was seen pushing 90 again.

Balko also notes that Richardson is a staunch supporter of red-light cameras.

Jon Corzine, Bill Janklow, Adrian Fenty and Ed Rendell make appearances in that story, as well.

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