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A Funny, If Oddly Familiar, Ad for Bill Richardson


Bill Richardson unveils some funny ads, portraying him in a job interview for the position of President of the United States.

Some bloggers wonder if it’s a ripoff of this ad for Republican Congressman Dave Reichert.

I saw it and thought back to the 1997 SportsCenter ad where former senator and Knicks great Bill Bradley interviews for a position with ESPN, and is found lacking.

“Any experience in front of an audience?”

“I gave a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.”

“I meant a large audience.”

His questioner? Keith Olbermann, back when he was nonpolitical and funny.

UPDATE: Hillary Spot reader Michael notes that the interviewer reads “negotiated with dictators” off Richardson’s resume. He wonders if Richardson’s ad people would have been wiser to say “stared down dictators” or “went head to head with dictators.” Then again, it is a Democratic primary…

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