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A Friend John McCain Could Do Without


Dear John McCain,

Please distance yourself from Laurie David as soon as possible. You know, the private-jet-flying Hollywood elitist who insists that Bush revoked Kyoto when the Senate voted unanimously against it in 1997, the environmentalist who installed a home fire pit on protected wetlands, the one who picked a nasty, loud fight with Karl Rove at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and then hastily returned to her table to blog about it.

Best, Jim

Laurie David’s account of her partnership with McCain:

The next step was to find a prominent Republican to help launch the Virtual March, because, as we all know, this issue is not political, it is moral. If global warming became associated with just one political party, we would never get to where we need to go. The obvious first stop was John McCain, who has been a long-time outspoken leader on global warming. And I have to say that it was my stature as an NRDC trustee that got me into his Senate office. (Okay, maybe he was a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, too, and Seinfeld, well, that certainly didn’t hurt — I am the first to use the proverbial “wife of” when needed. Another life lesson: use what you’ve got.) But still, he knew I had the support of the most powerful and respected environmental group in the world, and that goes a long way when you are knocking on doors in Washington. In his office, on the spot, he said to me, “Let’s get marching.”

Hat tip, Ace of Spades.

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