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Analyzing Hillary’s Iraq Vote, and Those Quiet Old Gore Donors


JPod suggests Hillary will never apologize for her Iraq war vote. Regarding her new proposal to “deauthorize” the war, he concludes:

It’s highly unlikely Hillary wants this transparent gimmick to be given serious consideration. Rather, she has signed onto it to give her something specific to say in speeches and debates when people ask her what she has done to end a war wildly unpopular with her constituents – a war she voted to authorize.

Sounds right to me.

The Washington Times finds, “Of the 25 major players who helped raise at least $100,000 for Mr. Gore for the 2000 campaign, at least 12 have not donated or publicly committed to a candidate.”

I’m a skeptic on the Gore-will-jump-in-late theory, but maybe these 12 know something I don’t.

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