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Does This Look Like the Schedule of a Man Not Running For President?


Looking over Fred Thompson’s schedule for the next few weeks, he certainly looks busy for a guy who isn’t certain that he’s running for president.

May 10, 2007: Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) delivers remarks to the Hillsborough County Bar Foundation’s Law and Liberty Dinner in Hillsborough County, FL

May 20, 2007: Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) speaks to the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago, IL

May 24, 2007: Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) addresses the Connecticut Republican Party’s Prescott Bush dinner in Stamford, CT

Jun. 2, 2007: Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) speaks at a Virginia GOP event at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, VA

I’ll bet each one of those speeches gets enormous media coverage, and that none of them will include the words, “I’m running.” Instead, anything he says – “Thompson calls for strict constructionist judges,” etc. will get huge play.

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