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Hillary: No Apology For Iraq War Vote, Just Repeal It


Senator Hillary Clinton’s position, in a nutshell: I won’t apologize for voting for the war, but I will vote to repeal the authority I voted for back in 2002.


Instapundit thinks this means her internal polls show Obama surging; I wonder if uber-pollster Mark Penn has found that too many Democratic primary voters just won’t consider voting for her unless she’s front and center in the effort to end the war immediately.

I note this sentence: “Moreover, one adviser to Mrs. Clinton said, President Bush’s veto of the Iraq spending bill had left her believing that new types of pressure were needed to force the White House to adopt an exit strategy.”

Because Bush’s veto was so unpredictable… there’s no way a Democratic senator could have foreseen that Bush would reject a bill with a timetable.

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