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The Republican Debate, Part Six


Matthews: How will you be different from Bush?


Romney: Each our own person, go in different ways. I wil work to win the war on terror not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but on global basis.


McCain: I would not have mismanaged the war. Now we have a new strategy that I pray every night will succeed.


Gilmore: homeland security has to be national efforts.


Huckabee: More power to states.


Hunter: We’re losing industrial base through bad trade policies.


Brownback: Three state, one country solution in Iraq.


Tancredo: No No Child left behind, overreaching by federal government.


Thompson: Transform health care system in different way. In Iraq, split oil revenues.


Rudy: President was right to put us on offense against terror, and I would continue that.


Ron Paul: I would go back to Robert Taft foreign policy.


Wrap up coming shortly…

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