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The Debate: The Candidates Talk Iran


Matthews asks questions about Iran.


McCain: Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. Exporting lethal IEDS to suicide bombers. Iranians encourage Lebanon. Poses one of greatest threats to the world and to the Middle East. Acknowledges that Russia and China may not help.


Lots of things we can do before final option [of military action]


Tancredo: Two kinds of Iran we’re going to have to deal with – one headed by a guy who thinks he’s going to bring about twelfth imam. There are conditions under which we say yes –

Tancredo stumbles over words… 


Rudy: Depends on what our intelligence says. Cites Iran releasing the hostages after Reagan elected.


Gilmore is given the softest of softballs regarding Romney’s comment on spending money to catch bin Laden. Hits a single – fine answer, nothing beyond boilerplate.


Romney: Of we don’t move everything to get him. I don’t want to buy into Democratic pitch that this is about one person. Cites Hezbollah and other Islamist movements against moderate Muslim regimes. Romney won’t get credit for it, but it’s a good answer.


McCain is asked if he would have Tancredo as head of INS. Says no, then goes back to bin Laden. “I’ll follow him to the gates of hell.” Somebody in the audience wanted to applaud on that. Might be the soundbite of the night.


Romney is asked whether he would change the constitution to let those born overseas to serve as president, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Answers probably not. Brownback: No. Gilmore: No. Huckabee: After I’ve served eight years. Duncan Hunter: No. McCain: I’ll have to consider it depends if he endorses me. Paul: No. Giuliani: Yes. Tancredo: No.


Romney is asked what he likes the least about America. “Gosh. I love America.” Then talks about what he loves.


Huckabee is asked whether he believes global warming exists. All of our responsibility to leave planet in better shape. Cites boy scout rules for campsite, leave it in better shape than you found it.

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