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Stop Picking on Politicians’ Wives


I suspect many Americans hear stories like this and shake their heads. Running for office and working in government at just about any level is hard work as it is. But in today’s era, the slime merchants and thugs to come out of the woodwork whenever someone indicates interest in running for office, ensuring that many smart, hardworking people find running for office about as appealing as a self-administered root canal. Because it’s not just that they’ll come after you; they’ll come after your family…

Thompson said on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity and Colmes” that he was surprised to hear opposition researchers were combing through public records in Tennessee.

“I thought it would have maybe been a little early,” Thompson said. “I thought it might have come from the Democrats instead of Republicans, but that’s the way it is nowadays.”

Thompson said his wife had also heard from a man falsely claiming to be an old boyfriend with damaging information on her from when she was 16. “Of course, it wasn’t any old boyfriend,” he said.

Thompson said he won’t let that affect his decision whether to run for the GOP nomination.

“It’s kind of like gnats swarming around a war horse,” he said. “You know, they aggravate you sometimes, but in the end _ not that important.”

Asked how he knew Republicans were responsible, Thompson acknowledged that he couldn’t be certain.

“Well, I could be wrong,” he said. “I don’t flatter myself enough to think that the Democrats right now are focusing in on me.”

On the other hand, this doesn’t sound like the political blackmail A-Team. “Yeah, because, you know, I was thinking of supporting Fred Thompson, but then I heard about what his wife did when she was 16, and that completely changed my opinion on him…”

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