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Obama’s Scheduler Sent Campaign Fax From Senate Equipment - But Who Leaked This?


Much more interesting that this mini-scandal itself - Barack Obama’s scheduler, Molly Buford, who works for both Obama’s Senate office and his campaign, sent a campaign fax from equipment that is only supposed to be used for Senate (i.e., government) work – is who leaked it to Newsweek’s Howard Fineman. He notes:

At the Columbia Marriott, which served informally as hotel headquarters for last week’s Democratic debate, aides from several campaigns may well have had access to incoming faxes. A copy of the one to Obama was slipped, anonymously, under the door of a NEWSWEEK reporter. But the sender clearly knew the ethics rules. The accompanying note, written on hotel stationery, said of the fax: “Unbelievable, USS, office, phone, long distance, staff, etc.—for political.” With all eyes on Obama, he needs to watch out.

Here’s something that has me scratching my head – with e-mail, voice mail, PDAs, Blackberries, laptops, etc., why send a sensitive fax to a hotel where several campaigns are staying, and potentially hanging around the fax machine?

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