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Never Mind Dropping “Rodham”, She’s Just About Dropped “Clinton”


Drudge thinks it is news that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton no longer uses “Rodham” anywhere on her campaign site.

The Globe wrote about this a while back.

They’re both missing the real story. I would note that if you look on her web site, the logo in the top left hand corner says, “HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT,” no last name. All around the home page – “Join Team Hillary”, “HillRaisers”, Join “Women for Hillary”. Now look at the event descriptions:

Hillary continued her tour of the four corners of Iowa and met with the nurses of Finley Hospital…

Hillary spoke about the amazing example set by the Rutgers University women’s basketball team at the school’s Center for American Women and Politics…

On Sunday, Hillary joined nurses from Finley Hospital in Dubuque who have been without a contract since last summer…

Nevermind Rodham – she’s just about dropped the “Clinton.” I’d bet some focus group result suggested that voters are more likely to vote for a candidate that they think of the first name instead of the last name. Thus, the all-first-name, all-the-time campaign.

Just ask Mitt, Rudy, or Fred.

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