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Hillary Snubbed French Candidate Segolene Royal’s Meeting Request


An interesting item from Jim Hoagland’s column today:

And when [French Socialist Presidential Candidate Segolene] Royal’s camp put out feelers to [Sen. Hillary Rodham] Clinton’s staff last year about a high-profile meeting of the two in New York, a deafening silence persuaded Royal’s aides to cancel her trip to the United States.

Where’s the sisterhood, Senator? Where’s the love?

Obviously, it’s smart politics for a presidential candidate seeking to reassure voters she’s tough enough to be commander-in-chief to avoid a photo op where she would kiss the cheeks of a French Socialist Feminist. And a high-profile meeting could be construed as an endorsement, and sour relations with Nicolas Sarkozy, were he to become President.

On the other hand, if Royal wins… will she hold a grudge against Hillary over the snub?

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