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An Odd Place for a John McCain Web Ad


John McCain placed a web ad on Daily Kos.

How many conservatives would shift their support to McCain if he ran banner ads on Daily Kos mocking their readers?

“Get a life, you losers. McCain 2008.”

“After Seeing How You Helped Ned Lamont, Please Don’t Help Me. McCain 2008.”

“No Orange Hats. No Angry Screams. Not the Kind of Campaign You Dweebs Would Be Into. McCain 2008.”

UPDATE: In related news, several lefty blogs, including the usually-more-sensible-than-this John Avarosis, think they’ve found something scandalous in old footage of John McCain calling for troop withdrawal from Haiti in 1994 and Somalia in 1993.

Yes, that would be quite scandalous, if McCain’s position was that the United States should never withdrawal any troops anywhere ever.

But since it isn’t, we ought to use a few brain cells to compare the consequences of withdrawing troops from Haiti in 1994 (minimal) and Somalia in 1993 (mild, although Osama bin Laden later used it as a propaganda tool, pointing out that America was a paper tiger, would retreat in the face of casualties, etc.) to a withdrawal from Iraq today. If we withdraw troops today and Iraq falls apart, the consequences are going to be dire. The resulting mass bloodshed will almost certainly be worse than what we’re seeing in Iraq now. (Frustratingly, our friends who oppose the war have a supreme failure of strategic imagination, refusing to believe that anything could be worse than the circumstances now.)

America does not have equal national interests in every country and every corner of the world. U.S. troops left Haiti and Somalia and life, for most of us, went on without consequence. We cannot expect the same after our departure from Iraq.

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