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What I’m Noticing In Campaign Coverage This Morning


This morning, these are the links, stories, and comments that are standing out to me…

Mickey Kaus’ scorecard: “Chris Matthews must have been compensating when he said Hillary did well. If that’s the non-grating Hillary, I hope we don’t see the grating Hillary. … Kucinich chipped away at her war vote effectively, I thought. … Edwards kind of faded into the background. Crickets didn’t chirp–they completed their entire life-cycle during the pause after Edwards was asked to name his ‘moral leader.’”

The Hotline explains how candidates built their crowds outside the debate hall. Cash and busing them in are options. They also note Richardson barked to his advisor, “I want to leave now,” in the spin room afterwards.

David Broder notes that in the closing moments of the debate, asked who could win besides himself, Biden said “they’re all winners” and then singled out Hillary Clinton. Angling for veep? Secretary of State?

A comment on Mike Gravel at the end of John Dickerson’s wrap up: “When the candidates were asked which owned a gun, Gravel was one of those who raised his hand. “I was worried that he meant he had one with him at the moment,” said a senior adviser to a top candidate.”

I’m sure few of you will be surprised to see all those self-proclaimed environmentalists took private jets to the debate… separately.

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