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Wrap Up of the First Democratic Debate


That was actually pretty entertaining.

I love having Gravel and Kucinch there. It’s like the two drunks at the party. Before the end, Gravel is going to take a swing at whoever’s at the next podium.

Hillary: Nothing bad. Answers are very pat. No one laid a glove on her, which is good for a frontrunner.

Obama: Needed more polish, and a bit more oomph, he got it towards the end. In fact, I think I really liked the way he dealt with Kucinich – firm but not angry. He just seemed to reach the limit of his patience with the angry, attacking dwarf.

Edwards: Oddly long pause when asked for moral leader, but overall, he played to his strengths. His experience in these forums shows.

Biden: Entertaining, funniest. If he didn’t have the baggage, he might be a real contender. Knows his way around a debate, and knows how to land a punch. Speaks colloquially, if sometimes way too fast to transcribe.

Richardson: Kind of disappointing. Seemed verbally disorganized. Not an unpleasant character, but it’s hard to see him as a chief executive.

Dodd: Unmemorable.

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