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Liveblogging the Dems, Part Five


Impeach Cheney? Nobody backs but Kucinich.

Kuninich: I took an oath to defend the Constitution. This country was taken into a war based on lies. Mr. Cheney has to be held accountable. Already ginning up a war against Iran.

Dodd asked difference between civil unions and gay marriage. Dodd asks, how would you react if it was your children? Loving relationships should be sanctioned. I support civil unions, I don’t support same-sex marriage.

Biden asked what he would propose that would be hard. We need a Manhattan project. Barack and I have a bill that every car made in U.S. will be something amount energy efficiency some time in future. Goes through legislation he’s sponsored. Talking much faster than I can type.

Richardson: Talks hawkish about earlier question on theoretical terrorist attack. Asked about normalizing relations with Cuba, he would bring Cuban-Americans into the discussion. We should be planning for a post-Castro Cuba, and that means reevaluating embargo.

Williams asks if US is behind in use of nuclear material. 

Gravel: No. Denied boots on the ground filibustered the end of the draft. Brought about Alaska pipeline. We are mischaracterizing terrorism. We are going to be as successful fighting terrorism as we are fighting drugs with a war. Osama bin Laden must have been rolling in his blankets.

Mrs. Hillary Spot: Someone stop him. Just stop him.

Williams: What have you done personally, recently, to help the environment?

Obama: We organized thousands of people to plant trees.

Williams: I meant, like, light bulbs.

Obama: I thought the planting trees was pretty good.

Kucinch: Provocative statement – you previously said all options on the table in regards to Iran. That means starting war. Need to move away from global warring as well as global warming.

Obama: I think it would be a profound mistake to initiate a war with Iran. But Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be a major threat. It is not disputed.

Kucinich: It is disputed. It is disp-

Obama: Let me finish! Goes on to emphasize diplomacy, but recognize and deal with threat. The Mrs. and I had same reaction – it’s like he woke up, re-engaged, and brought out his A game.

Gravel: We sanctioned Iran. We scared bejeezus out of em when Presdient said they’re evil. We need to . Greatest violator of nonproliferation Who are we going to nuke, Barack?

Obama: (laughing him off) I’m not planning on nuking anybody.

Jim: That was awesome.

Edwards, asked moral leader, long pause said he couldn’t pick one. Goes with his Lord, his wife, and his father.

Hillary talks about Wal-Mart, I missed most of it.

Biden goes out to defend justify use of force inYou guys cna have your happy talk, but there’s real life.

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