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Liveblogging Debate, Round Two


Round Two: Williams calls them “uncomfortable issues for candidates.”

Williams asks Obama about Chicago Sun Times story on ties to shady business guy.

Obama: We have thousands of donors. This donor engaged in some ethical behvior [sic] and I’ve denounced it. I sponsored campaign finance reform in Illinois state house. I don’t take money from registered lobbyists or PACs.

Williams asks why pay for haircuts out of campaign funds?

Edwards: That was a mistake that we remedied. I have not forgotten where I came from. Tells story of his father unable to afford food in a restaurant and leaves af

Williams points out that he is a counsel to hedge funds, are hedge funds any good for the American economy? Edwards says financial markets are improtant component of figuring out how we pay for health care for 43 million uninsured. They play enormous role in how money moves in this country.

A nothingburger of an answer, but it works for the audience.

Hillary: America is a great place because we have an entrepreneurial economy.

Richardson is asked why he delayed calling for Gonzales resignation, told reporter ”I’m honest, it’s because he’s Hispanic.” Richardson says he wanted to hear Gonzales explain why he politicized the Justice Department. (Jim: Are you kidding me?)

Dodd is asked about long time in Washington. Goes through his history, proud of service, family’s service, father was a prosecutor at Nuremburg.

Dodd: We’ve had six years of on-the-job training for this president. Veiled shot at Obama?

Kucinich: Why you so unpopular? Kucinich replies, “I think that’s gonna change tonight, Brian… This isn’t American Idol here. We’re picking a president.” Regarding Iraq, “Apologies aren’t enough.”

Biden: Asked about LA Times editorial calling him a gaffe machine. Would you be able to avoid gaffes on the world stage?

Answers, “Yeah.” And then nothing, gets a laugh. Brian Williams: “Thank you, Senator Biden.”

Mike Gravel tells funny anecdote about coming to the Senate. Then goes bonkers and accuses of other candidates syaing they would leave everything on the table” regarding Iran, which he says is code for using nukes.

Asked by Williams who he suspects of wanting to use nukes, he says, “the popular ones.” He accuses Biden of a “certain arrogance” telling Iraqis how to run their country.

For the first time, I’m glad I’m watching this.

Hillary: Need to be a leader in the world, I am serious about getting the presidency to lead, and I am ready to do that.

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