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Liveblogging the Democratic Debate


Liveblogging… Here’s the deal: If I hear something interesting, I’ll post it.

Williams asks about Iraq.

Hillary: Emphasizes Iraq is a civil war.

Biden: “This is not a game show, this is not a football game, it is not win or lose.”

Obama is asked why he voted for appropriations in the past. Obama ignores the question and says that he is proud to have opposed this war from the beginning, then shifts and says that our troops have to have night vision goggles and reinforced humvees and other equipment…

Edwards is asked if one of his comments about a vote for the war was a shot at Hillary. He says no, and shifts of

Hillary: It was a sincere vote based on info available to me. I have said many times that if I knew then what I knew now, I would have voted no. President is stubborn. I hope he doesn’t veto. If this President doesn’t get us out of Iraq, I will.”

Kucinch: Inconsistent to say you oppose the war and then vote to continue funding the war. Democrats have power to end the war now, and that’s what we should do.

(Mrs. HillarySpot is yelling at the television when Smeagol calls for U.N. peacekeeping forces to be deployed to Iraq. Even her credulity has its limits.)

Richardson: This is what I would do – I would withdraw all of our troops including residual troops by the end of this calendar year. Political framework where three religious entities have coalition government and share oil revenues and possibly three different entities.

Interjection by Jim: The Kurds aren’t a religious entity. And Kurdish independence is likely to trigger a Turkish invasion.

Dodd: Need bold experienced leadership to lead us in different direction. End date in March of next year.

Mike Gravel: This war was lost the day Bush invaded Iraq on a fraudulent basis.

Yells a lot. Pass a law make it a felony to stay in Iraq.

Obama: War has placed strain on men and women in uniform. Army and Nat Guard stretched to breaking point. (A bit of stammering here and there – nothing major, but not the glow we’ve been told to expect from the Obamessiah.) We are one signature away from ending this war. Can’t impose military solution on a political problem.

Hillary: I think what Barack said is right. We need the Republicans to join with us. The President seems determined to not change course, even though we are not gaining ground.

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