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Rudy Never Said a Democratic Win Would Be Followed by “New 9/11”


Andrew Cline of the New Hampshire Union Leader was at the Rudy Giuliani event and says the former New York City mayor never said what Politico’s Roger Simon attributes to him. He concludes the headline of Simon’s column — claiming Rudy predicted a “new 9/11″ would occur if Democrats won — is “grossly inaccurate.”

Right now, if you Google “Giuliani” and “new 9/11,” you get 38,500 hits.

I don’t necessarily want to pick a fight with the new kids on the block, but how many big stories have they, uh, gotten less than fully accurate since their inception? The story that Edwards was quitting the race, the story that the White House was looking for a replacement for Alberto Gonzales…

Is “Politico” some sort of obscure dialect for “DebkaFile”?

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