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Hillary’s Wage-Gap Calculator, Offering the Results For “Other”


A reader notes that on Hillary’s website, she has a “wage gap calculator” that “determines how women are shortchanged by unequal pay. Enter your information into the fields, and get your reality check.”

The options for race include, “African-American, Asian American, Latina” … and “Other.”

This reader wonders if it’s pandering. I’m wondering why the calculator doesn’t ask the user how many stretches of time the user takes off for maternity leave or raising children, which is a huge factor in the wage gap. It’s tough to make the same amount of money over a career when you take months, or in many cases, years off to raise children.

(In fact, if lawmakers really wanted to fight the “wage gap,” they would push legislative proposals to expand, or in many places, create paternity leave. I can’t find the source at the moment, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt, but in a poll of CEOs and corporate human resources directors, when asked the appropriate amount of leave a new father should take off when a child is born, something like 60some percent answered, “none.” Way to demonstrate the value of fathers, corporate America!)

Anyway – apparently anybody who doesn’t fit into the other three categories — Native Americans, Eastern Europeans, Jews, Middle Easterners, and the one that it’s still okay to call a color — whites — are in the same circumstances.

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