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Hillary: Administration in “a very deliberative way created conditions that are straining our military”


Here’s one to justify those “She said what?!?” ads for the Hillary Spot.

Hillary, speaking to ThinkProgress (because liberal bloggers must have their questions answered):

THINKPROGRESS: Thank you for doing this.

The first question I have is related to the state of our military readiness, which is of course in a very terrible condition, as you talked about today. I wanted to read to you a quote from President Bush in 2000 — this was a quote when he was a candidate — candidate Bush. And I’ll get your reaction to it. Here’s the quote: “So let’s get something straight right now. To point out that our military has been overextended, taken for granted and neglected, that’s no criticism of the military. That is criticism of a president and vice president and their record of neglect.”

What’s your response to that as you hear that now?

CLINTON: Well, bingo! You know it wasn’t true when he said it, but it sure is true now. It has in a very deliberative way created conditions that are straining our military, underfunding it with respect to what actually gets to troops on the ground and what they get when they get home. Yet the Defense budget is half a trillion dollars. And there just is no excuse for the priorities of this administration.

Okay, Senator.

1) Demonstrate that Bush created conditions to strain the military in a manner that is defined as “involved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination.” Where were these discussions in which Bush set out to strain the military? Why would a president widely demonized as a warmonger and a bloodthirsty conqueror set out to strain the military?

2) What would you cut from the defense budget to ensure that enough “actually gets to troops on the ground and when they get home”?

(Hat tip, RedState.)

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