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A Further Thought on Obama’s Investments


If Obama really didn’t know about his investments in companies that would benefit from his legislation, it’s a remarkable coincidence, as these weren’t really two widely known or widely held companies. It’s just really bad luck on his part.

It’s playing fairly big – front page of the New York Times, the AP has a version out. Couple this with the real estate mess referred to in these paragraphs…

Mr. Obama, who declined to be interviewed about the stock deals, has already had to contend with a controversy that arose out of his reliance on a major campaign contributor in Chicago to help him in a personal financial transaction. In that earlier case, he acknowledged last year that it had been a mistake to involve the contributor, a developer who has since been indicted in an unrelated political scandal, in deals related to the Obamas’ purchase of a home…

His wife, Michelle, a hospital vice president in Chicago, received a promotion that March, nearly tripling her salary to $317,000, and they bought a $1.6 million house in June. The house sat on a large property that was subdivided to make it more affordable, and one of Mr. Obama’s political donors bought the adjacent lot.

…and you end up with a bit of mud on the shoes of the Obamessiah, The Chosen One Sent To Save Washington From Itself.

It’s almost as if someone wanted his reputation hit, to say “Hey, look, he’s got scandals, too.” But who could possibly have motive to do that? What kind of rival would do such a thing?

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