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Contrarian Thoughts on Gore and Edwards


Time for a contrarian note or two.


Patrick Ruffini, who I approvingly (and enviously) quote in the below post, titles his post “A Sign Gore Is Running?” and then wonders if the update to Gore’s web site is a sign that the former Vice President is getting ready to jump in the race. I think it’s just an attempt to maximize the benefits from last night’s Oscar win. The e-mail list can just as easily be used to send e-mails to buy the film on DVD as be urged to join the grassroots of a primary campaign.


Meanwhile David Remnick has written the love letter to end all love letters to Gore in the New Yorker.

In increasing numbers, poll results imply, Americans are disheartened by the real and existing Presidency, and no small number also feel regret that Gore—the winner in 2000 of the popular vote by more than half a million ballots, the almost certain winner of any reasonable or consistent count in the state of Florida—ended up the target of what it is not an exaggeration to call a judicial coup d’état. Justice Antonin Scalia routinely instructs those who question his vote in Bush v. Gore to stop their ceaseless whinging. “It’s water over the deck,” he told an audience at Iona College last month. “Get over it.” But it is neither possible nor wise to “get over it.” The historical damage is too profound.

Anyway – another striking sentence:

If only to take an honest man’s word for it, Gore’s entry into the race is unlikely. Clinton, Obama, Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Joseph Biden, Christopher Dodd—the field already provides a pool of talent and a range of possibilities infinitely more encouraging than the status quo.

Yes, that’s what I’m yearning for: President Christopher Dodd. It was big of Remnick to leave Kucinich off the list.


In other news, the great Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics thinks John Edwards is losing his mojo in Iowa.


The numbers are a bit odd – an 8 point jump for Hillary in a month in Zogby’s poll? (Strategic Vision has smaller movement, but it’s away from Edwards and towards Hillary more than Obama. And Vilsack was already losing support.)


Perhaps by being one of the first ones in, perhaps Edwards becomes “old news” faster, and potential supporters forget about him/lose interest in him? Or perhaps it’s way too early to find anything meaningful in these polls.


I’d like to think that the Israel statements, the pictures of his mega-mansion, and the hiring, retaining, and resignation of the bloggers, etc., have hurt Edwards, but I’m skeptical. I’m just not used to Iowa Democrats reacting to news stories the same way I do.

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